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Anthony Davis lists his preferred destinations. All 29 of them.

By Andrew Donlan
Medill Reports

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– Anthony Davis, a current member of the New Orleans Pelicans, mostly fielded questions regarding what team he’d play for in the future at All-Star media day on Saturday.

Celtics fans rejoiced when Davis said that Boston was on his list.

“They were never not on my list,” Davis said.

Davis later said that all 29 other cities were on his list, but most NBA teams know better than to think they have a chance in the sweepstakes. Either they can’t keep him long term, or they know that they don’t have the trade pieces to acquire him before he becomes a free agent.
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Keeping history – Jack’s Silverstein’s present to Chicago sports fans

By Andrew Donlan
Medill Reports

When Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky threw six touchdowns in late September, Chicago’s sports historian thought of Sid Luckman, who once threw seven. As the Bears 2018-2019 defense celebrated takeaway after takeaway, he was reminded of the ’63 team—that was his father’s squad, and one of the best NFL defenses ever. His research aids his memory— and vise versa—and his writing lets contemporary sports fans in on unexplored pasts.

Jack Silverstein is that sports historian. The 37-year-old journalist keeps the legends of Luckman, George Halas, and Walter Payton alive. The average fan perceives a sports achievement as unprecedented but Silverstein’s work reminds them that it’s probably not. As Brian Urlacher became eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Chicago sports guru made sure that his Twitter followers remembered every accomplishment of his 13-year career with the Bears. Continue reading