Coach Niraj Patel readying his team to take on the upcoming season

By Annanya Medill Reports The Naperville Baseball Academy, always a home for one of America’s favorite sports, has a growing second life as a cricket center for Chicago United, one of the major  area clubs. Coach Niraj Patel is readying his team to take on the upcoming season if games against other clubs in the region. […]

Cricket in Chicago kicks off league games in April

By Annnaya Medill Reports Cricket is all the rage in Southeast Asia where India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka  revere this pastime as more than  a major league sport  and something closer to a religion. Actual shrines in India are dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar, one of the game’s greatest players. Immigrants who move here miss the […]

A Place to Button It Up: Inside One Of Chicago’s Most Unique Museums

By Annanya Johari Medill Reports Maybe it’s a victory celebration button from  George Washington’s inauguration that you’re hoping to see.  We have the place to find it. Nestled in a quiet corner of Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, is one of its most unique museums. Founded and run by Christen Carter and her brother Joel Carter, the […]

El Tayeb and Elshorbagy deliver an Egyptian sweep at the Windy City Open

By Annanya Johari Medill Reports Under the chandeliers of the iconic Cathedral Hall at the University Club of Chicago, Nour El Tayeb and Mohamed ElShorbagy claimed a championship sweep for Egypt Wednesday at the Windy City Open 2018 squash tournament. An Egyptian winner was a certainty in the men’s draw since the finalists were the […]

Egyptians flying high at the Windy City Open

By Annanya Johari Medill Reports Monday was a great day to be an Egyptian squash fan as top-ranked  Mohamed ElShorbagy and his brother Marwan ElShorbagy made the semifinals in Chicago’s Windy City Open. However, women’s World No. 1 Nour El Sherbini lost to her Egyptian compatriot Nour El Tayeb in a major upset. At the […]

Bring on the obstacle course: Jeep Wrangler makes traction at Chicago Auto Show

By Annanya Johari Medill Reports Navigating an indoor hillside pulled drivers to the  biggest draw at the 110th expo of the country’s largest auto show. The “Jeep Camp” allowed visitors to rev up the 2018 Jeep Wrangler and set  course for an 18-feet hill, boulders and other off-road obstacles. The Chicago Auto Show highlighted hundreds of […]