Busy schedules and upbringing deter some undergrads from getting the flu shot

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports College students balance busy schedules of attending class, completing assignments, maintaining a social life, and commitments to extracurricular activities or a job. Do students also set aside time to get the flu shot? Some do, but many do not. “Some people just can’t manage to find time in their schedule […]

Thousands of Chicago protesters condemn Trump and his visit to Chicago

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports Thousands of Chicago area protesters chanted  calls and held up signs bearing phrases such as “Dump Trump” during President Donald Trump’s visit to the Windy City on Monday. Trump spoke at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference and then attended a lunch fundraiser at Trump International Hotel and […]

Tiny shells reveal clues to ocean health in North Pacific

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports Calcium carbonate, a primary ingredient in the shells of tiny marine organisms, reduces the acidification of our world’s oceans. The ocean is approximately 30% more acidic than when the Industrial Revolution began, and carbon dioxide emissions from human use of fossil fuels have greatly contributed to this increase. When microscopic […]