‘Purple Pricing’ Winning For Northwestern Athletics

By Bennet Hayes Your football team has won a single bowl game since 1948. Your men’s basketball program has never been to the NCAA Tournament. Now go sell some tickets, university athletic department. Neither of Northwestern’s major-revenue athletic programs can claim much in the way of postseason history, but that hasn’t stopped its ticket office […]

Chris Borland’s Early Retirement Raises Questions About Football’s Future

By Bennet Hayes The Monday retirement of Chris Borland, 24 years young and poised for a successful and lucrative NFL career, has sparked serious concern that on-field safety issues may turn young players away from football. Dave Jacobs, the VP of Health and Safety for Chicagoland Youth Football League, said Borland’s decision is likely to increase […]

queshin’ n’ Anser w/ King of Strong taeks, PFT Commenter

By Bennet Hayes Odell Beckham Jr. wasnt the nFL’s only Break-out star in 2014: at lease knot on the twitter’s world. As you just saw in the headline and first paragrah, grammatical and spelling errors can make for a choppy read. But in the case of one NFL satirist, there is plenty of material worth reading […]

Injuries To Chicago Stars Dampen City’s Mood

By Bennet Hayes Chicago’s winter got a little gloomier Wednesday. Within the span of hours Tuesday night, news broke of injuries to both Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls and Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. The ailments – a torn meniscus in the right knee for Rose and a left clavicle fracture for Kane […]

Criticizing College Athletes: Fair Game?

Mike Gundy

By Bennet Hayes They are, quite easily, the five most memorable words of Mike Gundy’s 10-year career as Oklahoma State head football coach. They are also one of the most direct and public condemnations of criticism directed at college athletes. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E&w=420&h=315]   In unleashing his now-famous “I’m a man, I’m 40” rant in October […]

For One National Signing Day, Beckman Earns Chicago’s Ear

Tim Beckman

By Bennet Hayes Tim Beckman and the Illinois football program are often overlooked in a Chicago market dominated by professional sports. At least for a day, Beckman changed that. The Illinois coach overshadowed the unveiling of his 25-man recruiting class on National Signing Day last week, with a bizarre attempt to enlist the state’s sports […]

Lynch’s silence keeps media talking

Marshawn Lynch hits 28 "I'm just here so I don't be fined" declarations.

By Bennet Hayes “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” By the letter of the law – or at least the NFL’s version of it — Marshawn Lynch fulfilled his duties at Tuesday’s Super Bowl Media Day. Never mind that he uttered the same seven-word phrase in response to every question, or that he took […]