Medill Newsmakers: Chicago sees decrease in migrant arrivals after Title 42 expires

By Brenda Ordoñez Medill Reports Since the summer of 2022, Chicago has welcomed over 9,000 migrants from the southern border. Many of these migrants traveled to the United States from Latin American countries, fleeing economic and humanitarian crises. Chicago officials are searching for additional shelters to continue housing migrants after Title 42, a pandemic-era policy that swiftly expelled migrants at the […]

Little Village Community Council welcomes Venezuelan refugees with open arms, stresses need for mental health services

By Brenda Ordoñez  Medill Reports A Chicago organization with strong Mexican roots is proving it doesn’t take a big village to make a difference. TRANSCRIPT: Inside the Little Village Community Council edifice awaits a beige-colored room lined with tables disguised by donations. Standing in the center of the room is the council’s community organizer, Kristian Armendariz. […]

Antisemitic group calls for National Day of Hate: local authorities stress vigilance

By Brenda Ordoñez Medill Reports Local and national Jewish communities and businesses are remaining vigilant this weekend after a neo-Nazi group based in Iowa declared Feb. 25 as the National Day of Hate.     VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: FOLLOWING A STRING OF ANTISEMITIC HATE CRIMES EARLIER THIS YEAR, LOCAL JEWISH COMMUNITIES ARE BACK ON HIGH ALERT AFTER […]