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Panel addresses shortcomings of ‘me too’ campaign for women of color

By Cailin Crowe
Medill Reports

“Me Too” — it’s a short but powerful phrase that has taken social media, politics, workplaces and dinner tables by storm…at least for white women.

The viral social media campaign has been tweeted more than 1.7 million times and is credited with creating a unified platform for women to share sexual harassment stories. But reporting and sharing stories of sexual harassment remains more difficult for women of color compared to white women, according to Veronica Arreola, the director of Latin@s Gaining Access to Networks for Advancement in Science. And while actress Alyssa Milano is widely credited with the tweet that launched the “Me Too” hashtag, others point out that a black woman, Tarana Burke, started the movement 10 years ago to provide support for women of color who are survivors of sexual assault.

“We’ve been sounding this alarm for years. People just started noticing when white women joined in,” said Arreola.

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