Concussions: Living in the Solution

By Chris Cadeau Medill Reports We know about concussion dangers, the arguments that have ensued and the threat it poses to modern sports. But what are concussion survivors doing to ensure the best quality of life possible? Join Medill Newsmakers as we explore a ‘day in the life’ of former NFL running back and Northwestern […]

Inside the high school that was “monumental” in Stephen Curry’s life

Seth and Steph on Stage ASW 2019

By Christopher Cadeau Medill Reports CHARLOTTE, N.C. –In order to fully understand the bond between Stephen Curry and Charlotte that’s been on display this week you had to be in Memphis the night of April 9, 2016, to see a connection forged through faith, family and basketball at the Charlotte Christian School. The Golden State […]

Chicago boxing coach lifts female fighters to new heights, motivated by tragedy

By Chris Cadeau Medill Reports Israel Gonzalez is a decorated Chicago boxing coach. He fought “semi-professionally” until his career suddenly ended on Christmas day in 2003. Once Gonzalez got back on his feet, his journey as a coach began at Northeastern Illinois University, while pursuing an education. Today, Gonzalez is regarded as one of the […]

Martial arts legend now focuses on the next generation

By Chris Cadeau Medill Reports Anthony Marquez, actor and decorated martial arts instructor, starred in the Mortal Kombat (Kung Lao) video games and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movies in the 1990’s. Today, Marquez is using his passion for martial arts to influence his students in his training facility (Extreme Martial Arts) in Chicago’s North side. […]