Rat-eating monkeys hold promise for sustainable agriculture

By Elena Bruess Medill Reports A macaque sits patiently on the forest floor, waiting by an oil palm tree. There’s a rustling and a thump as two more macaques gripping a nearby trunk remove some of the tree’s leafy base. A large rat falls from its hiding place. It attempts to run, but the macaque […]

When science needs a little art

By Elena Bruess Medill Reports Imagine you broke a bone in your left toe while paragliding. It was intense. And now you can’t walk, so you hobble to the doctor’s office and await an x-ray. When you finally learn what exactly is broken, the doctor pulls out a brightly illustrated and tightly labeled drawing of […]

Rapid glacial melt near Mount Everest peaks threatens Nepali communities

By Elena Bruess Medill Reports Near the peaks of Mount Everest – towering some 5.6 miles above sea level – the ancient Khumbu Glacier is melting. Never before in the last 70 years has the massive ice rock melted more quickly than at present. It is losing thickness at an unprecedented rate – about 131 […]

4,000 floating robots take on climate change

By Elena Bruess Medill Reports I ziplined recently with a scientist who told me that her work involved almost 4,000 floating robots and a massive global computer database that could help her predict the future of our world’s climate. This was during a break in the Comer Climate Conference and the woods behind conference headquarters […]