Asian Americans fight racism and struggle to redefine their identity

By Ester Wells Medill Reports View this story as an Adobe Spark multimedia production. Russell Jeung stood in the checkout line at a sporting goods store in Alameda, California, and glanced over at his 16-year-old son Matthew standing beside him. It was mid-March in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they were buying […]

Community leaders call for steps to end racism targeting Asian Americans

By Ester Wells Medill Reports Some Asian Americans are risking death from COVID-19 rather than turning to medical care where they fear health care professionals won’t understand their language and often don’t respect their medical requests, said Chhaya Chhoum, framing the larger Asian experience in the crisis through the challenges confronted by one family her […]

Riders at risk of massive service cuts as MTA billions in debt amid COVID crisis

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the largest transportation network in North America, is at a crossroads, operating on a $12 billion deficit through 2024. While foregoing an immediate fare hike, the MTA has threatened mass layoffs and service cuts of up to 50% as it faces the “the worst financial crisis in agency history.”

Education in isolation: Create community over curriculum, educators say

The transition to remote learning has been rapid and demanding for parents, teachers and students alike. Over the past year, educators have reinvented and sometimes thrown out their traditional curricula in favor of new ones workable in a virtual space. Parents juggle work, home and school life simultaneously and under one roof. Students are adapting to a new educational landscape that requires more discipline, self-reliance and flexibility than many are used to in the classroom.

2020 warming trend may intensify infectious diseases, scientists say

Global warming may make infectious diseases such as COVID-19 more widespread, warn health and climate experts. They say increasing temperatures are changing disease progression and interaction among people in ways that make it hard to predict and prepare for future public health crises.