VIDEO: Urban explorer documents the abandoned Damen silos

By Evan Garcia Rick Drew remembers the first time he explored an abandoned building. As a child on a family vacation in Scotland, he spent hours searching through a deserted yarn factory. “It was a real thrill,” Drew said. “I always remembered that, although I didn’t start exploring again until many years later.”

VIDEO: Sewage in the Chicago River

By Evan Garcia It was brown. And it was in the Chicago River. Stunned onlookers saw a growing plume of dark water near the Michigan Avenue Bridge on April 9. After a bit of social media buzz and a brief investigation by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, a city spokesman said the discoloration was likely from […]

VIDEO: Beekeeping on the West Side

By Evan Garcia Individuals out of prison often face obstacles in finding work and acclimating to civilian life. The North Lawndale Employment Network (NLEN) uses beekeeping to transition formerly incarcerated men into the workforce. The nonprofit operates a subsidiary called Sweet Beginnings, which harvests from several Chicago area apiaries to make and sell raw honey […]

VIDEO: The 3-D-printed arms race

By Evan Garcia In May of 2013, the online organization Defense Distributed publicly released the blueprints for a plastic 3-D printed handgun they designed and built. Within two days, the U.S. Department of Defense ordered the group to remove this information, but it was too late. By then, over 100,000 people had downloaded the plans for the […]