PHOTOS: Provincetown beach brigade collects trash on Cape Cod to celebrate Earth Day

PTown Monument Beach Clean

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports The sound of chatter filled the air on a quiet spring morning in Provincetown, Massachusetts, as people greeted one another, donned rubber boots and distributed gloves, buckets and knives among the crowd. Gathered at the rotary on the outskirts of town on the morning of April 22, volunteers stuffed pockets […]

Engineered log jams restore natural river flow, fish spawning in Pacific Northwest

Bill Armstrong with Log Jams.

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports The upper Quinault River in Washington is always changing. In February, you’ll be scrambling over rocks and dodging areas of soft, wet sand that was about 8 feet lower in October, the high winter flow having deposited new material on the floodplain. In December, you’d have been swimming. Still, water […]

Indiana’s Everglades: Why water is flowing again in the Midwest’s dried-out swamps

Wetlands in Wisconsin

By Fiona Skeggs Medill Reports Wetlands go hand-in-hand with the Florida Everglades. More than 2,000 square miles of mangrove forests and marshland make this UNESCO World Heritage Site a refuge for wildlife. From white ibis and endangered Miami blue butterflies to alligators and manatees, the Everglades are teeming with life. The National Park Service has […]