A healthy winter for plant-based dieters

By Grace Eleyae Eating a healthy diet can be difficult in the winter because it’s harder to find produce  at good prices.  Two plant-based dieters talk about what you can do to make sure you’re eating lots of fruits and vegetables during this cold season.

VIDEO: Mayoral candidate reports differing diversity numbers from CPD

By Grace Eleyae Mayoral candidate Willie Williams stood in front of Chicago Police Department headquarters on Wednesday to discuss what he says are low numbers of African Americans in the police force. His numbers on the lack of diversity, however, are vastly different from the statistics offered by the CPD.

VIDEO: Going green can help save the green in your wallet

by Grace Eleyae Making a home more energy efficient can benefit both your conscience and your check book, according to recent data released by the Illinois Association of Energy Raters. Smaller changes like replacing shower heads with their low-flow counterparts can significantly reduce monthly operating costs, and larger investments like adding solar panels can increase the value of your home up […]

VIDEO: Hardworking city college students might soon study for free

By Grace Eleyae While on his nationwide tour, President Obama spoke about a plan to institute free community college education to students with a C-average or better.  Locally, this benefit will soon be seen in the City Colleges of Chicago, with Mayor Emanuel’s recent announcement of the Star Scholarship — great news for students in a […]