Chicago’s Natural Healer

Dr. C. Leslie Smith.

By Gwen Aviles Medill Reports Not too long ago, most “real” doctors would not consider employing natural medicine. In fact, naturopathic procedures were so stigmatized that even Dr. C. Leslie Smith, one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in the Midwest and an acupuncturist with her own practice in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, never […]

Reopening ‘War Against All Puerto Ricans’ in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria

A picture of Nelson Denis' controversial book.

By Gwen Aviles Medill Reports Authored by high-profile former New York State Representative Nelson A. Denis, “War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony” is one of the most well-known books about Puerto Rico’s colonial status. And ever since Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico—leaving thousands of people without basic necessities like […]

Questions about nursing and masculinity persist

Nursing Books

By Gwen Aviles Medill Reports Take a second and think of a famous nurse. Who popped into your mind? Maybe Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton or Mary Breckinridge? The assumption that nursing is an almost exclusively-female field continues to persist, even as more men have steadily entered the profession since the 1970s. A recent study by […]

The ‘rebels’ behind Puerto Rico’s longest running newspaper


By Gwen Aviles Medill Reports Housed in a cozy office on Calle Borinqueña in San Juan, Claridad—Puerto Rico’s longest running newspaper—has a staff of a mere 10 people. But the paper’s lack of personnel is eclipsed by its resolve. The political publication, which was founded by the socialist party nearly 59 years ago, has been […]