Gabe Hudson: What I’ve learned

By Hannah Farrow Medill Reports Award-winning fiction writer Gabe Hudson, 48, on his creative process, authoring three books, and his dog I was very cognizant of the generation that came before me — the Vietnam generation, my parents’ generation — so when I was writing “Dear Mr. President,” I felt that the characters were in conversation […]

Egg quality: It’s no yolk

Roaming Chicken

By Hannah Farrow Medill Reports Cartons of eggs range from $1.79 to $7.99 at grocery stores, and they vary from cage-free to organic, brown to white. What do buzzwords like “vegetable-fed” or “free-range” really mean? And what’s worth the extra money? Learn what you’re getting for the price you’re paying.

South Africa’s sex education aims to reduce gender-based violence

By Hannah Farrow Medill Reports Growing up in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, Asa Jali had a narrow outlook on relationships. “You learn that if your boyfriend hits you, that’s how they show you love. So if he doesn’t, he doesn’t love you. If there’s no violence, he doesn’t love you,” Jali, 23, said. Her views […]

Advice you didn’t know you needed from a sex therapist in the #MeToo era


By Hannah Farrow Medill Reports Free porn, internet dating and the hookup culture affects American’s sexual behavior a lot, says Shirley Baron, a Northwestern University clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences who’s been a certified sex therapist for over 30 years. In her black and white office on the 27th floor of a […]