AIDs legacy of loss told through new exhibit Art AIDs America Chicago

By Hannah Moulthrop A gong reverberates through the white-walled space once every 10 minutes. Piñatas that resemble HIV viruses hang from a swath of ceiling above the staircase. Oversized glass red blood cells are strewn across the floor. These works and 169 others anchor the new Art AIDS America Chicago exhibition at the pop-up Alphawood Gallery […]

ComEd and other energy companies call for a ‘rush to renewables.’

Downtown Chicago lit up at night

By Hannah Moulthrop The next Uber or Airbnb in your life may be your local electric utility company. Choosing how to power your home in the future could be more like selecting from your Netflix queue, with a market of energy options to choose from to meet your particular energy needs. And the reinvention is […]

No quitting their agenda for Cook County Democrats with an eye on 2018 elections

American flag and downtown Chicago skyline by Trump Tower

By Hannah Moulthrop Last week’s presidential election left Cook County Democrats shocked at Hillary Clinton’s loss, but ready to fight for their agenda in Congress and at home. And new volunteers are signing up “by the minute” to ready the party for the 2018 midterm elections, a party leader said. And party winners are calling […]

What Trump and Clinton’s voices may tell us

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton speaking

By Hannah Moulthrop By now American voters know the voices of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As they listen, Americans are unconsciously picking up on qualities in the candidates’ voices, experts say. How Trump and Clinton sound affects voters’ perception of their leadership capacity.

Northwestern’s Sir J. Fraser Stoddart shares Nobel Prize for making molecular machines

Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry

by Hannah Moulthrop Sir J. Fraser Stoddart had been asleep for three hours early Wednesday when a phone call awakened him. The Northwestern University chemistry professor had been dealing with the aftermath of last week’s home break-in and his decimated backdoor. Stupefied, he heard Swedish-accented English and thought, is this a hoax? Stoddart could hardly […]

Study links morning sickness to lower miscarriage risk

Newborn twins whose mother didn't experience morning sickness

By Hannah Moulthrop Expectant mothers experiencing morning sickness may have less cause to worry about a miscarriage, a new study by the National Institutes of Health suggests. That does not mean women who feel well should be concerned, doctors say, warning that morning sickness does not measure how a pregnancy will fare.