Chinese international students experience backlash in both the U.S. and China

Passengers lined up and prepared to board the flight back to China.

By Amy Ouyang Medill Reports Since the start of the global pandemic, Chinese international students studying in the United States feel their identity has made them a target of aggression in both the United States and in China. In the U.S., the assumed close association between the virus and China often leads to discrimination against […]

Chinese international students struggle to return home amid the pandemic

Chinese citizens prepared to board the flight home at JFK airport in New York City

By Amy Ouyang Medill Reports Starting in March with the newly enforced flight restrictions, the entry restrictions for foreigners and Chinese citizens quickly tightened. The increasing restrictions leave many Chinese international students with no other choice but to either purchase highly expensive flight tickets to fly back home or remain abroad until the relaxation of […]

Patients with chronic diseases struggle to receive care in COVID-19-era China

Patients fill out questionnaire before entering the hospital

By Amy Ouyang Medill Reports Wearing two layers of surgical masks and holding a bag full of her medical records for the past six months, Shuhua Liu filled out the COVID-19 questionnaire in front of Peking University People’s Hospital in Shenzhen, the last step before she could enter the hospital after half a year. “I […]