Big men steal show at skills challenge

By Arman Tondravi Medill Reports Jimmy Butler may be in a little bit of debt following Bam Adebayo’s three point shooting at the NBA’s skills challenge. “That’s $1,500, so I’ll be expecting my check in the mail,” Adebayo said. The money Adebayo is referring to stems from a bet he and his Miami Heat teammate […]

2020 NBA Rising Stars game doubles as college reunion

By Harrison Liao Medill Reports Some college reunions take place at a pub or a restaurant. Some, like that of former Duke teammates RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson on Friday night, take place floating over 10 feet in the air on national television. In the third quarter of the 2020 NBA Rising Stars Challenge, which […]

Mapping the way to five of Chicago’s spiciest restaurants

By Harrison Liao Medill Reports In a way, the term “spicy food” is a misnomer. Adding heat to a dish is a global game changer for the palate but  can be achieved with myriad techniques and ingredients – from herbs to pastes and sauces to fresh chili peppers and peppercorns. Spice, in this sense, can […]

Dew Suriyawan shares the art of authentic Thai food

By Harrison Liao Medill Reports I didn’t know anything about Chinese food until I found out how much I didn’t know about Chinese food. My parents immigrated to the U.S. in the 1990s from Hunan, a landlocked province in central China. They had me in 1994 in Ann Arbor, while they were pursuing graduate engineering […]

How Cesar Izquierdo started a premiere Chicago Peruvian restaurant


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports It’s no “fu fu restaurant.” That’s the first thing Cesar Izquierdo tells you about his restaurant, Taste of Peru in Rogers Park. Irene Ulbrich, owner of Caleo Cafe in Angola, Indiana, and a Peruvian native that frequents Cesar’s restaurant when she visits Chicago, says it’s what makes Taste of Peru […]

Meet TV Chef, Inventor, and ‘Fit Foodie’ Mareya Ibrahim


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports For today’s health-conscious eaters, it is all too easy to get lost within the maze of contradictory nutritional advice. Nearly 80% of Americans surveyed  “come across conflicting information about food and nutrition,” and 59% reported that “conflicting information makes them doubt their choices,” according to a 2018 study conducted by […]

Meet ‘Big G’s’ Spicy Pizza Pioneer Jaime Gamez


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports Picture your dream pizza. Whether it’s monstrous Chicago deep dish or a bright, red Naples style pie, you can envision a few common savory traits — cheese stretching at the seams with the physics-defying grace of an Olympic gymnast, steam rolling off of shimmering tomato sauce and crust decorated with […]

NASA space-weather satellite launches after one-day delay


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports Due to weather and communications problems, NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer satellite (ICON), initially set to launch Wednesday, remained grounded for an extra day. At first, precipitation held back Northrup Grumman’s L-1011 Stargazer aircraft, ICON’s courier into the fringes of Earth’s atmosphere where it would launch. When weather finally cleared up […]