Chicago’s political scene and opioid crisis

By Gabrielle Phifer and Holly Honderich Medill Reports Gabrielle Phifer speaks to community activist Ja’Mal Green who  at 22 years old, is the youngest candidate  running for Chicago mayor. Reporter Holly Honderich examines the opioid epidemic, which took nearly 1,000  Illinois lives in 2016. ​

Cuba’s contradictions

Marianao, Cuba

By Holly Honderich Medill Reports HAVANA – A cab driver earns more in one day than a doctor does in a week. Monthly government ration cards provide only enough rice, coffee, eggs and milk to cover basic needs for 13 days. Education is free, but tens of thousands of teachers have abandoned the profession because […]

Humbolt Park’s West Town Bikes get local teens in gear

West Town Bikes

By Holly Honderich Medill Reports Humbolt Park’s West Town Bikes has grown from a small partnership with an affordable housing network to a city-wide program provider, using the “magic of the bicycle” to foster youth development. In conjunction with its retail store, Ciclo Urbano, West Town bikes provides the chance for local teenagers to play, […]

Lincoln Park residents phone it in for Daniel Biss

Daniel Biss phone bank

By Holly Honderich Medill Reports While some people turn to Twitter to vent their political frustrations, these Chicago residents are using their phones the old-fashioned way to engage in the political arena and support State Sen. Daniel Biss as Democratic candidate for Illinois governor. [vimeo 261664269 w=640 h=360]

Daniel Biss’ grassroots bid for governor

Daniel Biss

By Holly Honderich Medill Reports Without fortune or a famous family, State Sen. Daniel Biss tried something different in the Democrat’s primary race for governor of Illinois. [vimeo 261663969 w=640 h=360]