VIDEO: Homan Square allegations spark protests

By Janel Forte The Chicago Police Department Homan Square facility located at the corner of Fillmore and Homan is alleged to be a ‘secret site’ where police use illegal interrogation tactics and deny detainees basic constitutional rights such as a phone call or an attorney. Allegations that the building is home to a Guantanamo Bay-style black […]

VIDEO: #FlatsProject Gives Small Businesses a Kick Start in Uptown

  The #FlatsProject’s inaugural business is now up and running. Public Barber opened its doors March 2nd after winning the #FlatsProject small business acceleration project competition. The barber shop offers traditional grooming with an emphasis on customer experience and aims to facilitate community development.

VIDEO: Chicago’s food deserts still a problem

By Janel Forte Imagine having to go further than 2 miles from your home to get fresh produce, and even then it’s not guaranteed that it’ll be affordable. That’s a reality for many people throughout the Chicagoland area. Despite efforts by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to cut the number of food deserts, many Chicago neighborhoods still […]

VIDEO: CTA bids farewell to oldest model rail cars

By Janel Forte With a push for modernization within its fleet, the CTA is retiring its oldest model of rail cars – the 2400 series.CTA held a fan-fare studded final ride for the cars, which had been in service for 38 years. The train took its final laps around the Loop and its original routes […]