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VIDEO: Illinois juvenile facilities to introduce tablet education system

By Jennifer Leonard

College prep classes inside jails and prisons are an often-discussed, but seldom realized subject. There’s either not enough spots for everyone interested to participate, or there’s not enough money to offer classes in the first place.

One Chicago tech startup wants to change that dynamic. Jail Education Solutions developed Edovo, an app technology that runs on tablets. Inmates can rent the device and pursue their individual learning goals at their own pace and at low cost. Continue reading

VIDEO: Chicago’s electric refuse truck, first in the country

By Jennifer Leonard

Chicago is the first city – not only in the United States but in North America – to own an electric refuse truck. Drive Clean Chicago, an incentive program funded by The Department of Transportation, is trying to make Chicago more sustainable by helping the city implement hybrid and electric vehicles into its transportation system.

Drive Clean Chicago works with Chicago fleet owners and offers voucher programs to make the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles more accessible and affordable. Continue reading