Eco-therapy initiative helps young refugees in Chicago

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports Clearing brush and trimming tree branches may be an Earth Day activity for some, but for Muntadher Al Maeeni, it’s a therapeutic experience. The teenage Iraqi refugee has been in the United States for more than two years, and he’s found community through a program called REACH, which trains youths like […]

From Chicago to the Middle East

An Aerial view from Harrissa, Lebanon

By Jinitzail Hernandez and Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports Reporter Jinitzail Hernandez explores Chicago’s Pride Parade and the issues facing Pride Parade in Lebanon.  Reporter Jessica Nieberg travels from Chicago to Lebanon to shed light on non-profit organizations that have evolved to meet the needs of refugee youth. Photo at top: Aerial view of Harissa, Lebanon. […]

Chicagoans Celebrate Pi with Pie

Pie-eating contestants prepare to eat four pounds of whipped cream

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports While March 14 can be celebrated by playing math and science activities, it is not because it’s Einstein’s birthday. March 14 was also Pi Day — 3.14 as 3/14 — and while intellectual games are encouraged, the day is often honored with one of America’s favorite desserts. And one local […]

Harold Washington Library Opens Holocaust Exhibit

Forty panels make up the Courage To Remember exhibit at the Harold Washington Library Center

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports Though Illinois is home to one of the most high-tech Holocaust museums in the world, The Harold Washington Library Center is showcasing a special — though lower-tech — exhibit, making an educational experience about the Holocaust more accessible to city residents. The Courage To Remember exhibit will be on display […]

Gold Coast fashion event supports prom gowns for high school girls

A model walking for Ted Baker at the Oak Street Council fashion show at the Thompson Hotel Chicago

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports While fashion icons from around the world gathered in Paris for Fashion Week, the fashion-forward residents of Chicago took to the Gold Coast, and not just for a peek at the latest trends. The Fashion Week Takes the Gold Coast event raised over $5,000 and collected 20 dress and gown […]

Group urges those who know opioid users to carry anti-overdose drug

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports Drug overdose deaths continue to increase in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overdose-related deaths from opioids have increased by more than five times since 1999. The Chicago Recovery Alliance helps people who are affected by addiction make more positive choices. It also helps […]

Macy’s reveals plan for Muslim clothing line

By Jessica Nieberg Medill Reports Macy’s is set to introduce a collection of modest clothing, aimed at the lucrative Muslim clothing market. While companies like Uniqlo and Nike have created their own hijab lines over the past couple of years, this launch will declare Macy’s the first department store to carry hijabs as part of […]