Happy anniversary, Marktown: 100th year surviving

Marktown houses

By Jingzhe(Kelly) Wang Marktown, in East Chicago, Indiana, is less than a half hour drive from the south side of Chicago. It’s in a different state and is in many ways in its own world. Built in 1917 as a planned community for a steel company, Marktown welcomed more than one thousand residents living in […]

A core of Chinese Americans mobilizes for Trump, wins the day and looks to the future

A fraction of Chinese Americans supporting Donald Trump

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang Asian Americans were not among Donald Trump’s majority in Tuesday’s election. About three quarters of Asian American voters backed Hillary Clinton, according to the National Asian American Election Eve Poll released by America’s Voice the day after the election. Trump got only 19 percent of the Asian votes. Still, the Chinese American community had its […]

Play election phone banking Bingo

Phone banking event at University of Chicago targeting South Asians

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang Medill reporter Kelly Wang knows first hand what the frustrations and triumphs are in volunteering for an election phone bank. Play phone banking Bingo with her. [vimeo 190894817 w=474]

Early voting eases the way for first-time immigrant voters

First-time voter Kahkashan Noreen cast her ballot with help from ESL instructor

By Jingzhe(Kelly) Wang Election day is Tuesday, of course, but people can vote every day until then. There is a difference. Early voting doesn’t take place in neighborhood precincts. It takes place at designated places. There is an important advantage, especially for first-time voters who may want assistance.  Come with first-time voter Kahkashan Noreen, as […]

Trump support among Chinese American voters

Chinese Americans for Trump group gathering in Hinsdale, IL

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang One month before the presidential election, more than 50 Chinese Americans gathered in one of Chicago’s western suburbs to show their support for the Republican candidate for President. Medill’s Kelly Wang takes us to Hinsdale to see how this minority group makes its voice heard. [vimeo 187263626 w=474] More than 50 […]

Nicholas Lau: A bridge to the Chinese-American future

Nicholas Lau, 18, project manager at the ORIGIN Youth Group

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang Some young Chinese Americans are leaving Chicago’s Chinatown and their roots to assimilate with American culture. Not Nicholas Lau. The high school senior is working to pave a path for Chinatown to be a more welcoming place for the next generation. [vimeo 187238613 w=474] Nicholas Lau, 18, project manager at the […]

Chinatown residents want underreported safety issues addressed

Chinatown resident

By Jingzhe (Kelly) Wang Heading west from 24th Pl. and Princeton Ave. in Chicago’s Chinatown, Haiting Yu walks through an underpass with rusty-looking infrastructure and cracks on the wall. A few feet into the tunnel, a light blinks. Some are completely out. Feeling water dripping down from above, Yu picks up her pace. “You have […]