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For a coach from Lompoc, the Special Olympic’s Unified Game is the culmination of a journey

Jonathan Skinner
Medill Reports

LOS ANGELES – As Eddie Scipio and his basketball team from Lompoc, California participated in the NBA Special Olympics Unified game Saturday, he reflected on the journey that brought him there.

“When I played basketball in high school, they paired all of us up with special education students,” Scipio said, “and the relationship I built with my partner helped me find my calling.”

That calling would be to help students with and without intellectual disabilities work together. The journey would require him to leave his home of Pennsylvania and move to California.

Scipio came to California originally to play football in junior college then later accepted an offer to go to Brigham Young University to play. He would come back to California after a short stint at home in Pennsylvania and it was in Lompoc, California that his calling would be realized.

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