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Medill midday news bite 8/12

By John Rosin

Animal shelters in Chicago hold a “clear the shelter” event this weekend, putting cats, dogs and guinea pigs up for adoption at no cost.

Michael Jordan sues a grocery store owner for using his name in a 2009 advertisement.

Mayor Emanuel paints with youth as part of a job initiative.

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Chicago’s Lunch Bus feeds children for free

By John Rosin and Carmen Lopez

During the school year, children from low-income families can receive discounted lunches. But in the summer, they don’t have access to the program. The Greater Food Chicago Depository is attempting to fill the gap by driving around Chicago’s West and South Sides, providing free lunches to children. Thousands of kids are fed each week, but the depository would like to get the word out to more families.

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Campaign advertising seeks to sway minds up to the last minute

By John Rosin

Campaign advertisements unabashedly seek to sway your mind as they glorify candidates, nudge opinions and try to cinch the outcome of an election.

The election between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia marks the first mayoral runoff for Chicago, and the two candidates produced a downpour of different kinds of endorsements that continue through the last hours of the election. Continue reading