Dedicated volunteer puts the hope in Lakeview’s Nourishing Hope food pantry

By Kala Hunter Medill Reports Nourishing Hope is a food pantry in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood that serves between 130-200 households a day. The 53-year-old nonprofit has 50 full-time staff and thousands of volunteers who keep the wheels churning. Despite the waning of the pandemic, people in Chicago are increasingly using the free food that the nonprofit […]

Time-lapse, satellite imagery show how meltwater plumes trigger calving ice

By Kala Hunter Medill Reports As Greenland’s glaciers melt from an abruptly warming climate, scientists are studying how mammoth glaciers are losing their ice. The research is urgent to better predict the speed of global glacial retreat that leads directly to sea level rise across the globe. “You study Greenland because it’s the future of […]