Fair Tax failure: Immigrant leaders break down why and what’s next

By Kelly Heinzerling Medill Reports When Illinoisans went to the polls this year, they were asked to vote on an amendment to the Illinois State Constitution which would give lawmakers the ability to create a graduated-rate income tax, which would tax wealthier people at a higher rate.  Despite having the support of Gov. J.B. Pritzker […]

Reflections from Puerto Rico: Rebuilding, Resilience and Resistance

By the Medill Explores Puerto Rico Team  Medill Reports In February 2020, Medill MSJ students reported across Puerto Rico about the impacts of the island’s colonial status and debt crisis; recent earthquakes and 2017 hurricanes Maria and Irma; environmental injustice; and the island’s imperiled infrastructure and electrical grid. Throughout the reporting, the resilience and resourcefulness […]

Reflections from Puerto Rico: Medill Explores 2019

In Puerto Rico, I learned that butterflies are more resilient than dinosaurs By Justin Agrelo There’s a square in downtown Adjuntas, Puerto Rico that when standing inside of it feels like you’ve hopped into a postcard or a history book about Spanish colonization. The square is paved in white cement and gray cobble. Its fountain, […]