To play or not to play? NFL & USA Football advise parents

By EmmaKate Austin and Lena Blietz ESPN’s Mike Golic, co-host of Mike and Mike, and his wife, Chris Golic, led a panel discussion for parents about the safety of youth football and other sports. The NFL’s Play 60 teamed up with USA Football for the event, where kids participated in an hour of football drills […]

First round NFL Draft prospects strut down the red carpet

By Lena Blietz and EmmaKate Austin After months of anticipation, the 2016 NFL Draft kicked off as the prospects walked the red carpet with some special guests. The players were dressed in their best, but former Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott stole the show with his crop top dress shirt. A few select coaches […]

Women in Sports Media: Chicago Compared to the National Landscape

By Lena Blietz A Medill Newsmakers Report In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, sports journalists and other members of the media discuss the changing role of women in sports. [vimeo 158929012 w=474] Peggy Kusinski and Megan Mawicke, sports reporters in Chicago, discuss their experiences in Chicago. Jacob Ullman, of Fox Sports, and USA Today’s Christine […]

Injured junior hockey player gets rare medical procedure

By Lena Blietz The parents of Matt Olson, a junior hockey player from Minnesota, gave an update on their son’s condition after he suffered a fall that left him paralyzed in February. And his doctor said Olson has undergone a first-in-America treatment. Olson is a defenseman and co-captain for the Chicago Cougars, a Tier 3 […]

Field Museum believes warriors may lure Chicagoans to China

By Lena Blietz A squad of life-size soldiers, crafted in terracotta more than two millenniums ago, will come to the halls of the Field Museum this Friday. The exhibit China’s First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors will include ten of the statues, including soldiers, archers and horses. [vimeo 157475042 w=474]

Chicago startup raises money for excess food donations

By Lena Blietz For restaurants and shops whose patrons demand the freshest ingredients, there will always be food that goes to waste. That’s where Zero Percent comes in. The Chicago-based startup collects excess food from restaurants across the city to donate to local non-profits. The company, whose name means zero percent of food should go […]

A Chicago lenten tradition: Pepper and egg sandwiches return to spring menus

By Lena Blietz Pepper and egg sandwiches gain popularity each year during the Lenten season. The meal is particularly popular in Chicago’s Italian Catholic communities. But where did the tradition start? [vimeo 155720373 w=474] Photo at top: Pepper and egg sandwiches are a Chicago tradition during Lent. (Lena Blietz/Medill)

Local gyms survive without New Year’s crowd

By Lena Blietz The new year brings resolutions of every kind, but with the goal of losing weight filling this year’s top spot, many are flooding to gyms. To tap into that, many fitness centers offer New Year’s promotions to get more members in January. But for two local gyms, new clients looking to fulfill resolutions are not […]