Leicaphilia: The century-old allure of Leica cameras

By Lily Singh Dan Tamarkin stood behind his glass showcase filled with Leica cameras and lenses and picked out a Leica M3 film camera, vintage 1954. He proceeded to show how the camera works and how to load the film to take pictures – and then something magical happened. Click. Even a photography novice could recognize […]

An artist’s eye on fashion

By Lily Singh Tucked behind a gray fedora, Rosemary Fanti’s eyes floated between her subjects and her canvas as she crafted her live fashion illustrations of customers in the fragrance department at Bloomingdale’s on Michigan Avenue. As Fanti illustrated, person after person stood by to admire her work. Shoppers who may have otherwise been in a […]

Calling all Chicago techies

By Lily Singh Tucked behind a bookstore and talking above the sounds of the restaurant housed above, Chicago’s sports technology leaders zoomed in on the landscape of the town’s tech talent. Panel discussions, classes and events were all part of Made in Chicago week, which ended Tuesday. Sessions aimed at highlighting innovation in town. Wednesday’s […]

Emanuel calls for connecting all neighborhoods to job opportunities

By Lily Singh and Kierra Gray Mayor Rahm Emanuel highlighted Tuesday how Chicago is investing public dollars to attract private sector dollars, especially in parts of the city that have failed to attract businesses. “Where you invest in either a skilled work force, transportation, public schools, parks, housing…using those leverage points of public dollars [can] […]

Jewelry, purses and coats, oh my!

By Lily Singh Red bejeweled lips, turquoise flowers and purple discs – these were just a few of the pendants on display as women handpicked which ones matched their outfits perfectly. A four-day show dedicated to the latest looks just in time for the holidays sounds like any shoppers dream. That’s exactly what was on […]

Cellphone etiquette: Minding your mobile manners

By Lily Singh We all know you just don’t – EVER – double-dip a tortilla chip in the salsa. But what is the cellphone equivalent of this social gaffe? In being tied to our cellphones, some of us may wonder just what it means to be polite while using them. The art of cellphone etiquette […]