The art of motion – hoop dance contest world championships 2019

By Lily Qi Medill Reports American Indian and Canadian First Nations hoop dancers gathered in Phoenix to compete with each other in this dance competition to celebrate Native traditions. The 2019 Head Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest filled Feb 9 and Feb 10 with dances drawing together 36 First Nations from across the Americas.

Social media brings Chicago Native Americans home to their reservations

By Lily Qi Medill Reports Pamala Silas used to hold annual meetings in downtown Chicago with other Menominee tribal members who lived in the area. “I could get a hundred people to come to a meeting two times a year. I gave them a nice dinner, we had a presentation, the tribal leaders would come, […]

More international students in the U.S. ponder career prospects after graduation

By Lily Qi Medill Reports After receiving another job rejection, 22-year-old Dayan Paiewonsky posted an Instagram screenshot of the email with “thank u, next.” Paiewonsky left the Dominican Republic four years ago to study international business and finance at the Loyola University Chicago. With graduation approaching this summer, finding a job is becoming urgent for […]

Doomsday clock remains at two minutes to midnight, closest setting to Apocalypse

By Lily Qi Medill Reports The Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists announced Thursday that the hands on the Doomsday Clock remain at two minutes to midnight in  “a new abnormal” world situation with little progress made on limiting nuclear risks, climate change dangers and cybersecurity threats. The hands of the clock freeze where they were […]