Chasing nighttime thunderstorms with NOAA and NASA

By Lizz Giordano The weather research teams waited anxiously for the nighttime storms to appear over the Great Plains. Scientists know very little about how the storms form but they do know how the rainfall from these storms sustains lives, property, agriculture and water resources. So the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA and […]

10th Ward residents are still waiting for results

By Lizz Giordano One of the closest elections runoffs in recent Chicago history might not be decided even after all the ballots are tallied Tuesday. A fiercely fought campaign for 10th Ward alderman has ended up in court after both candidates filed for a recount with the Cook County Circuit Court. As of Monday, challenger […]

Shedding light on the search for dark energy

By Lizz Giordano Engineers and astronomers at the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of South Texas are hoping their view of 1 million galaxies will shed some light on dark energy. Scientists link this mysterious and unseen energy that permeates the cosmos¬†to the accelerating expansion of the universe. Technology advancements are opening up entirely […]

VIDEO: Citizen Scientists Catch Clues about Star Formation

By Lizz Giordano Citizen scientists are leading astronomers to new clues about star formation. Citizen scientist volunteers discovered the more than 900 mysterious bright yellow objects that became the subject of recent paper in the Astrophysical Journal.