Rugby sport growing in Chicago area

Move over Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks! Make room for rugby. From Soldier Field hosting The Rugby Weekend to kids growing up with the game, Chicago is becoming a  rugby city. Photo at top: A high-school rugby team huddling prior to walking onto the pitch for its state championship match in Berwyn, Ill. (Andre Toran/MEDILL).  

Success is a two-way street, you never know who will walk by

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports It’s 30 minutes before kickoff and a man walks onto the field, stepping on each little section of grass the rain severely damaged throughout the week. Wearing a hoodie, a pair of large rectangular sunglasses hiding his eyes and a trimmed beard, David Clancy’s face is as tough to read […]

Never undermine the ‘Sir’

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports Sports fans and athletes have a few things in common. They’re both pulling for their team to win. They both tend to think they’re better than their opponent. And they both have a love-hate relationship with referees. Those wearing the stripes have haunted fans and athletes for as long as […]

Heading toward basketball stardom – One step at a time

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports As a shooting guard for the French national team, Louis Lesmond has seen it all. Competing for European championships, flying all over the continent, the 17-year-old entered the National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance in Paris last year, hoping to become a professional and follow his parents footsteps. He […]

Blast from the pass

Young-Kuzma-Fox Collage

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports CHARLOTTE, N.C. – No-looks, alley-oop, bounce, between the legs, over the head — there are so many ways to pass a basketball. While dunks and threes dominate the NBA highlights, most start the same way; with an assist. Though times have changed and the younger generations may not remember how […]

Basketball Without Borders kicks off under scrutinizing eyes

Basketball Without Borders NBA ASW 2019

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports CHARLOTTE, N.C.– While the streets of Charlotte are slowly getting more crowded during All-Star weekend, the Levine Center at Queens University is the center of attention for NBA scouts. The Basketball Without Border camp opened its door on Friday morning, gathering the most talented teenagers from all across the globe […]

Chicago sports may be more European than you think

by Louis Ricard Medill Reports The ‘85 Bears revolutionized the way defense is played with the 4-6 scheme. The Chicago Bulls won six NBA titles, including two three-peats with the levitational Air Jordan. The Chicago Cubs recently broke a 108-year-old losing spell by winning the World Series. And it feels like yesterday the Blackhawks won […]

Local businesses assess the impact of the Lincoln Yards project

By Louis Ricard Medill Reports Developer Sterling Bay is working with the City of Chicago to bring a new recreational area in Lincoln Yards, a massive city-within-a-city proposed development . After Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd) gave his approval earlier this month to the third and latest proposal in his ward, the Chicago Plan Commission voted […]