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Video: Chicago teacher struggles to address ‘fake news’

By Marianna Brady

Teacher Mark Lenz is struggling to teach his English class students at Catalyst-Maria High School on Chicago’s southwest side about sources now that President Donald Trump has claimed that CNN and other media organizations are “fake news.”

Lenz said he feels awkward that he is forced to contradict the president about what is “fake” and what is “real.”

He realized it was time to address the concept head-on when a student asked if he could use CNN as a source in a research paper after Donald Trump was elected president. The student said he didn’t know if it was a valid source after Trump called the media organization “fake news.”

This video highlights the struggle to teach students to decipher truth from falsehood in the era of “fake news.”

Photo at top: Students debate on February 22 Trump’s claims that CNN is “fake news.” (Marianna Brady/MEDILL)

Snapchat Video: Obama returns home to Chicago for final remarks as president

By Marianna Brady

President Obama returned home to Chicago for his final remarks to the nation as commander-in-chief in a moving farewell speech on Tuesday. The speech was attended by a diverse group of about 18,000 supporters, including celebrities and politicians, according to The Chicago Tribune.

We covered the event live on Snapchat; you can view our story from the farewell below.

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Snapchat Video: Chicagoans endure the cold for tickets to Obama’s farewell

By Marianna Brady

Thousands of people braved single-digit temperatures to stand in line for free tickets to President Obama’s farewell address this weekend.

Tickets for the president’s speech, which will take place at McCormick Place on Tuesday night, were handed out beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. However, the line started to form as early as 3 a.m. and snaked outside and around the block where people waited in the bitter cold. At 7 a.m. police began to turn people away and said they had reached capacity, according to the Chicago Police Department Twitter feed.

We covered the event live on the first ever Medill Reports Snapchat story, and you can view the video below.

Our reporters will be snapping directly from the president’s speech on Tuesday. Follow along at medillreports or add us by using our Snapchat code below.


Image at top: Screen cap from video by Marianna Brady (MEDILL)

Immigrants use Snapchat to amplify their voices before Trump

By Marianna Brady

President-elect Trump has used Twitter during his campaign and after his presidential election victory to speak directly with the public. He’s harnessed Twitter as a way to quickly express his opinions. Undocumented immigrants and members of Congress are turning to the platform Snapchat to share their stories.

We used the messaging app Snapchat to talk to immigrants who spoke out about their thoughts and fears about President-elect Trump’s threats to deport 3 million undocumented immigrants and to reverse DACA – a program instituted under Obama that allows certain young undocumented immigrants to go to school and work without fear of deportation. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) also submitted snaps promising to stand behind immigrants in Congress. We collected them into the video below. You can follow Medill Reports on Snapchat at medillreports. Reporter Marianna Brady is also on Snapchat at mariannabrady.

(Photo illustration by Marianna Brady/MEDILL)