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VIDEO: Connecting Chicagoans to important resources

By Beth Lawrence and Meg Rauch

In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, we take a look at two important resources to help Chicagoans and their families. First, we explore the preschool enrollment process. Many preschool spots in Chicago go unfilled every year, and parents and teachers say this is because the process of enrollment can be complicated and tedious. Improving communication from the city about how to better inform parents about enrollment is underway, and we’ll hear from one organization committed to helping all parents, especially those in low-income communities, navigate this process.

Next, we’ll explore a job training program that helps Chicagoans find and keep programs. Graduates of the Cara Program are able to find better permanent jobs with higher wages than others in the job market. We’ll hear from one of the program’s directors about why this is the case and how other struggling Chicagoans can find work through Cara.

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VIDEO: Safety tips help keep horseback riders from injury

by Beth Lawrence

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe was in the hospital recently after he was thrown from a horse while vacationing in Tanzania. McAuliffe was admitted for a punctured lung and seven broken ribs and remained hospitalized for three nights before returning to work. Injuries like his are not uncommon for horseback riders. A riding instructor provides some tips so you can stay safe around horses.

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