How to master the art (and science) of the work-from-home nap

By Molly Tucker Medill Reports As the work-from-home shift caused bedrooms to replace boardrooms, many 9-to-5’ers who no longer needed to commute gained an hour or two to accomplish tasks – or nap.      Working in-person and commuting builds in a structure that allows someone to control their circadian rhythms, or the 24-hour biological […]

TikTok’s Sara Madani thinks the video platform is changing the music industry

By Molly Tucker Medill Reports Can the TikTok algorithm be a force for good, helping marginalized creators to become powerful and popular? Yes, said Sara Madani. The 23-year-old works on the company’s artist partnerships and music relations team, where she advises artists and their managers on best practices. Madani, who self-identifies as an instrumentalist, a […]