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Thousands gather to celebrate life of former Notre Dame president, Rev. Ted Hesburgh

By Meghan Tribe

A banner depicting Fr. Ted Hesburgh hand-in-hand with Martin Luther King Jr. hangs on a lamp post in front of the Main Building at the University of Notre Dame as the university commemorates his life, legacy with memorial services from March 3-4. By Meghan Tribe

More than 12,000 people paid their final respects to former president Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh at the University of Notre Dame two weeks ago.

Beginning with a wake and visitation that continued through the night, the celebration of Hesburgh’s life culminated March 4 with a private funeral mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Among the crowd gathered at the Church, including 120 priests, six bishops and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington, D.C. Continue reading

Doctrine or discrimination: the Mormon church’s ‘new’ stance on homosexuality

By Meghan Tribe

Brad Steckelberg assumed everyone knew he was gay. A recent convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – colloquially referred to as the Mormon church—Steckelberg disclosed his homosexuality prior to his baptism. He understood the church’s stance on celibacy. He was willing to live within those parameters. But that became close to impossible once people in the church started setting him up with women.

A younger church member passed along Steckelberg’s email address and phone number to his mother. Another church member’s sister found Steckelberg’s email from the church directory and began emailing him. A missionary asked Steckelberg if he could give his phone number to a woman he baptized in another area, for as he put it, “she and I would be perfect together.”

Perplexed and dumbfounded, Steckelberg reached out to his friend and missionary in the Pure Branch of The Church of Latter-day Saints in Pierre, South Dakota, for guidance. Steckelberg said his friend’s haunting advice to him was, “No matter what you do, keep this a secret. Do not tell anyone about your attractions. And I’m just telling you for your own good, that it won’t end well if you start telling people.” Steckelberg’s friend identified the underlying irony of the Mormon Church’s alleged shift on homosexuality.

In January 2015, Mormon elders held a press conference where they called upon local, state and federal governments to pass legislation “protecting the rights of our LGBT citizens in such areas as housing, employment and public accommodation,” so long as these rights didn’t infringe on the constitutional rights of churches or the integrity of the traditional family outlined in Mormon doctrine. Continue reading