Trade war, COVID cast long shadow on U.S. fisheries

Dungeness crabs

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Since 2005, when Jim Darmiento quit his job at a global company to start a crab fishing business, he has experienced countless hardships. While he said his strong belief of “no risk and no reward” has allowed him to overcome all challenges, from expensive early-stage investment in gear to unpredictable […]

WATCH: Misinformation is here to stay — how can you tell what’s real or fake?

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Why should we care about misinformation and how should we tackle it? An expert from Northwestern University School of Communication explains.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MISINFORMATION. WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?  Donald Trump (clip): Fake, phony, fake. FROM THE U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION — Donald Trump […]

WATCH: Ravenswood artist sculpts memories with clay

Local artist Katie Lauffenburger is working on her ceramic home (Menghan Xiao/Medill)

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Ravenswood artist Katie Lauffenburger sculpts memories for Chicagoans with her unique, 10-inch Chicago-style homes.  Video Transcript:  MY NAME IS KATIE, AND I MAKE CERAMIC FOR THE ART BUSINESS THAT MY HUSBAND AND I SHARE CALLED WONDER CITY STUDIO.  WE FOCUS ART ON CHICAGO ARCHITECTURE, SPECIFICALLY RESIDENTIAL HOMES. PEOPLE WHO LIVE […]

WATCH: Artist unfolds pandemic isolation of elderly people in her works

Local artist Ellen Holtzblatt talks about her recent artworks series Song of Songs: Portraits of the Artist's Mother (Menghan Xiao/Medill)

By Menghan Xiao Medill Reports Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, senior citizens have experienced increasing isolation due to the social distancing policy. Local artist Ellen Holtzblatt has also witnessed the isolation and loneliness on her 98-year-old mother. Holtzblatt recent artwork series “Song of Songs: Portraits of the Artist’s Mother” speak to this social issue […]