A glimpse into the atmosphere – Balloons still at the forefront of forecasting

By Morgan Levey Medill Reports Norman, Oklahoma. Just around the corner from the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, a small cylinder-block building with antennas and a sphere on the roof marks the site of crucial weather data collection. Reinforced to withstand a gas explosion, it’s the base for Norman’s daily weather balloon launch. Yes, […]

Always on alert! Two days in the national Storm Prediction Center

By Morgan Levey Medill Reports Medill News Service reporter and Comer Scholar Morgan Levey spent two days in the NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) located in the National Weather Center building in Oklahoma. The SPC is responsible for monitoring severe weather — thunderstorms and tornadoes — for the entire country. Staffed around the clock by […]

Chasing tornadoes from the air

Chasing tornadoes and hurricanes with an airplane reveals an unprecedented view of their reach, threat and power. But it’s a rocky ride. Medill News Service reporter and Comer Scholar Morgan Levey hopped a front row seat in the cockpit of the P-3 “hurricane hunter” as an embedded reporter with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory. She continues […]

Flooding relief for Chatham

Rain gardens help mitigate flooding.

By Morgan Levey Medill Reports A South-Side Chicago neighborhood endures significant flooding from even minor rain events. It’s had this problem since the 1860s and residents are tired of scrubbing their basements and dealing with mold. But the end may be in sight — at least for a few dozen homes. Photo at top: Rain […]