Tapping the subconscious to beat performance anxiety

By Colette House Sweaty palms. Pounding heart. Racing thoughts. Dizziness. The physical symptoms of performance anxiety are all too real for the many young athletes that experience them on game day. Performance anxiety is a common psychological problem facing young athletes. As pressure mounts on the athletic field, female athletes are especially prone to struggling […]

Rehab techniques offer an escape from pain

By Colette House Sherry Haraf was tired of being in pain. It hurt to stand. It hurt to sit. It hurt to sleep. After countless doctors visits, medications, and tests that yielded no diagnosis, constant back pain seemed to be hers for the foreseeable future. “It was paralyzing and here I am going, this cannot […]

Give kids the gift of language skills but go soft on the noisy toys

By Colette House It’s hard to know which toy aisle to turn down when so many dolls, robots, and video games stand out. Some beckon louder than others, though, in our quest for toys that foster learning, spark imagination, or inspire creativity. Take a few tips from Judy Roman of Northwestern University’s Center for Audiology, […]

Medical plans take first place when athletes compete on the world stage

By Colette House Dr. Craig Young and the volunteer medical staff at 2015 Progressive Skate America competition hoped they wouldn’t have many patients  over the weekend. Their whole goal was to stand rink side in Milwaukee, enjoy the figure skating competition unfolding before them, and not need to treat any serious injuries. “We hope that […]

Stubborn fat meets its match: Sculpting away the double chin

By Colette House You work out. You eat right. And those problem “fat” areas remain. After years of successfully freezing and killing fat cells in the abdomen, love-handles, and thighs dermatologists and plastic surgeons are ready to rid patients of that stubborn double chin.

Baby Zachary mesmerizes Brookfield Zoo visitors

By Colette House New mom Kamba, a western lowland gorilla, cuddles, nurses and holds her newborn baby boy Zachary. Her every move reminds mesmerized Brookfield Zoo patrons of one of the most fundamental and natural of bonds – the love between a mother and her infant. “When people see Zachary, it’s kind of amazing how […]

Running in Pain? No Gain: Marathoners should watch for these signs

By Colette House Early morning runs. Extend the distance, monitor nutrition for optimal performance and making running the single-pointed focus of an exercise routine. That’s just par for the course in the months prior to the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Now race day is almost upon us. Despite the grueling training, approximately 45,000 […]