How Muslims in the U.S. Follow the Islamic Financial System

Devon Bank

By Nikita Mandhani At the entrance of the Devon Bank in Chicago is a small pathway with a billboard that includes “Faith-Based Financing” as one of its options to direct customers toward Islamic alternatives for buying a home. The Islamic financial system, which is based on the principle of interest-free transactions, risk-sharing partnerships and altruistic […]

A phone app that tells Muslims what to eat

By Nikita Mandhani Whenever Anas Razzaq shopped for groceries in Chicago, he labored to understand whether the canned food and chocolate and chips conformed to the ideal Islamic diet. Frustrated, he did what many young millennials would do – he invented an app. Razzaq calls it “Scan Halal.” It is designed to describe the ingredients of food […]

Because terrorism has no religion: Chicago pays tribute to terror victims

Candle light vigil

By Nikita Mandhani The flickering flames of candles and the feeling of unity among people of diverse races and faiths created an atmosphere of radiance at the Candlelight Vigil for Humanity at the Tribune Tower Wednesday evening. Saba Uddin and Fatimah Ayyeh organized the vigil in conjunction with Chicago non-profit organizations to pay respect to […]