Adding Sound: The difference ear implants can make

by Miles Painter Six-year-old Liam Powell’s life would be very different today had he not received cochlear ear implants. The device translates sound into electrical signals to be interpreted by his brain, allowing him to hear. At the age of three, Liam was diagnosed with profound hearing loss. This short documentary explores the impact the […]

Lincoln Park Knitters Join National Pussyhat Movement

By Miles Painter and Nicole Kelly Sister Arts Studios was one of many production hubs for the knitting of thousands of hats on display over the weekend during the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. Donna Palicka, owner of Sister Arts, has organized a squad of crafty ladies that usually meet at the store for a […]

Calls for reform as bond courts place heavy burden on Chicago’s poorest citizens

By Miles Painter South Shore resident Lavette Mayes says she never thought much about the criminal justice system before her arrest in 2013. “I only ever went down there for jury duty,” Mayes said during an interview in her Aunt’s home on South Chappel Avenue. A 42-year-old single mother of two, Mayes says she was […]

Election Update: The Latino vote

Miles Painter & Alex Ortiz

Reporter Miles Painter speaks with Medill Reports writer Alex Ortiz, who has been spending the past week interviewing members of Chicago’s Latino Community. Published at 10:00 p.m. Photo above: Screen capture of Medill Reports video coverage on Election Day, Nov. 8th. (MEDILL)