Analysis: Why the open water events will captivate Olympic audiences

By Peter Dawson And the award for the most intriguing draw of the 2016 Summer Olympics goes to… Surprise, the open water events. Sailing, rowing and the 10-kilometer swim certainly don’t offer the same excitement as watching Usain Bolt running the 400m, or Team USA Basketball going for a third straight gold medal. Analysis What […]

Troubled water? Athletes, scientists still unsure about potential health risks in Rio

By Peter Dawson In August of 2016, 50 Olympic open-water swimmers are expected to plunge into Copacabana Bay in Rio de Janeiro despite two Associated Press reports last year about viral contamination in nearby Guanabara Bay. Viruses in human intestinal and respiratory tracts may cause “vomiting, explosive diarrhea and respiratory problems,” according to one of […]