WATCH: The Mardi Gras After Party: Plastic Pollution and a Way Forward

By Hannah Beir and Poonam Narotam Medill Reports After a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2021, the Mardis Gras celebrations in New Orleans came back this year. And they brought the trash back too. The Department of Sanitation cleared 1,150 tons of trash off the streets following the Mardi Gras parades and parties in February, according to […]

New glacier records show westerly winds accelerate ice melt, massive sea level rise

Falkland Islands Black Tarn

By Poonam Narotam Medill Reports Veteran climate scientist George Denton calls Pine Island Bay the “weak underbelly” of the western Antarctic ice sheet. Increased melting at the bases of Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers into this bay makes them susceptible to collapse in coming decades, which would raise global sea levels by 11.5 feet (3.5 […]