Chicago News Report

By Tim Hackett, Max Goodman, Karleigh Stone, Nicole Croteau, and Shannon Longworth Medill Reports In the inaugural episode of Chicago News Report, we cover the everything from beach safety to the legalization of marijuana. We’ll be reporting on local news here in the city for the next 10 weeks. Photo at top: Ohio Street Beach. […]

Student activism around gun violence wanes in Chicago

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports On this episode of Medill Newsmakers, we look at the state of youth activism in Chicago. A little over a year after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the activism among young people has decreased in Chicago. Photo at top: Good Kids Mad City open mic […]

Youth activists in Chicago push for action on both climate change and gun control

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Many of the same high school and college students who work to prevent gun violence in Chicago are also active on the issue of climate change. Gun violence is a more easily-identifiable, immediate issue in some  communities, while climate change is more long-term and global. But they may not actually […]

South-side youth group uses open-mic events to prevent gun violence

Good Kids Mad City hosts an open mic

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Memorial Day weekend in Chicago has typically seen the year’s first major spike in gun violence in the city, and this year was no different. More than 40 people were shot, five of them fatally, over the holiday weekend. It’s one of the reasons Good Kids Mad City hosted an […]

Maritime Day marks beginning of Chicago boating season

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Chicagoans celebrated the Merchant Marines as well as the start of summer with a blessing of ships and recreational boats on Wednesday at Navy Pier. With its long stretch of lakefront property, Chicago has many docks and slips for boat owners. And some of those owners are joining a rental […]

Ride-sharing drivers protest for better pay

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Uber and Lyft drivers did a work stoppage today in major cities nationwide. In Chicago, they protested not only for better pay, but also for a cap on the number of ride-sharing drivers. The 24-hour stoppage comes ahead of Uber’s initial public offering on  Friday. Photo at top: Uber drivers […]

Spring snow takes Chicago by surprise

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports More than two inches of snow on Saturday interrupted spring for Chicagoans. So the question arises: is such extreme weather at unusual times of the year related to climate change? According to National Weather Service meteorologist Lee Carlaw, there’s no way to tie an individual weather incident to a larger […]

Stopping on the Mag Mile proves costly for ride-sharing drivers

cars on michigan avenue

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Uber and Lyft drivers are facing hefty fines for violating the no-stopping, no-standing regulation along North Michigan Avenue. The law applies to all vehicles driving on the street, according to Chicago Police. However, ride-hailing drivers are specifically being ticketed because their apps so frequently tell them to drop off and […]

Toddlers engage more with print books than with ebooks, study says

By Shannon Longworth Medill Reports Although many parents choose to read to their toddlers from ebooks, a study published this month in the journal Pediatrics says print books are a better option for a child’s development. In the study, researchers evaluated child engagement through their levels of verbalization and collaboration, which are two critical pieces […]