In BUILD, Chicago youth find an alternative to gang violence 

Description of the anecdotal lead

By Shreya Bansal Medill Reports CHICAGO — It’s the day before Thanksgiving and a group of young and old men have come out to play football as a part of their “turkey bowl.” When a police car passes by, the officers wave and smile at the players. One of the older men waves back and […]

Meet the Mexican-American artist challenging transphobia one performance at a time

The image provides an insight into his performance

By Shreya Bansal Medill Reports Three years ago, 30-year-old Vicente Ugartechea moved from Texas to Chicago, where he felt like he could express himself as a transsexual artist for the first time. Today, his paintings and performances are displayed in museums and centers in Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Finland, Berlin and Amsterdam. Some of his […]