Taking command of cyber risks: Tips and tools you can use now

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A guide to keeping your digital information exactly that: yours By Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports Has your personal information leaked in a data breach? (Not sure? Use this tool to find out). How about passwords — still using “password” or “123456” for everything? Do you want to keep prying eyes away from health records, personal […]

Facing inevitable data breaches and new privacy laws, companies shift focus to response

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By Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports The number of data breaches has skyrocketed in recent years, with high-profile incidents involving major companies such as Facebook and Uber, financial institutions and government agencies. According to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, 1,579 incidents — involving nearly 179 million records — occurred in 2017 alone. That […]

Traffic never jams at Chicago’s busiest internet intersection

350 East Cermak Road data center

By Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports Remember when you used to order DVDs from Netflix and discs would arrive within a week or two? When you added a movie to your queue, Netflix would locate a physical copy in one of its distribution centers, load the DVD on a truck and then ship it to your […]

Multiple federal agencies hit by wave of possible Iran-linked cyberattacks

By Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports The Department of Homeland Security last week instructed all federal civilian agencies to take immediate actions to address “significant and imminent risks to agency information and information systems” resulting from an ongoing wave of cyberattacks. In an emergency directive issued Jan. 22, DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said it […]

Daughters of Oscar Brown Jr. preserve his legacy with cyber-themed musical

Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports In the nineties, Chicago entertainment legend Oscar Brown Jr. began working on a musical about morality in the digital age. While many of his predictions remain relevant today, his daughters, Maggie and Africa, are advancing his vision posthumously through their production of CYBERSOUL, a computer-generated musical. [vimeo 325474584 w=640 h=360] Photo […]

Tracked and hacked: Why every internet user should care about cybersecurity and digital privacy


By Tyler Sonnemaker Medill Reports Consider all the digital devices you use. Smartphones and tablets. Smart TVs and speakers. Wi-Fi routers and cable boxes. Wearable technology and health trackers. Video game systems. Wireless connections to printers, refrigerators, thermostats, home security systems and other smart appliances. Even cars with onboard computers. If it’s connected to a […]