Preserving a coffee lifestyle in the ‘notable’ cafés of Buenos Aires

By Xinyi Zhang and Yilin Xie Medill Reports BUENOS AIRES — Fifteen years ago, Nestor Pichelli decided to change careers and found himself helping preserve a mainstay of life in this capital city: the café notable, or historic coffee shop. “The coffee culture in Argentina is a lifestyle,” he said, as he sat among tables […]

Drinking problems rampage among college students causing severe health risks

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports College students often assume that they can escape most of the negative physical and mental effects of consuming alcohol because they are young and healthy and some don’t drink all that frequently. But even minimal consumption of alcoholic beverages can still have significant negative impacts on health regardless of age. […]

Herbal supplements gain popularity as alternative treatments

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports Herbal supplements as alternative and complementary medicines continue to gain popularity as consumer health products. Approximately 80% of the world’s population depends on them for some form of primary healthcare. Along with the considerable growth in the global intake of herbal treatments, their safety is currently shrouded in prejudice and […]

CBD – Balancing therapeutic potential and caution

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports Cannabidiol (CBD) is exploding in the coffee house market as a magical elixir. It is popularly believed to help treat many conditions including anxiety and coffee houses are far from the only place you can find it. It is currently available in dog treats, bath bombs, and even pharmaceuticals. All […]

Park preservationists continue battle over Obama Center in Jackson Park

By Xinyi Zhang Medill Reports Protect Our Parks (POP) will replay a 1987 event when Hyde Park women go to Jackson Park to save trees on October 26. The preservation group will revisit the past by tying ribbons on trees that could be cut down to make way for the Obama Presidential Center, once construction […]