VIDEO: The Art of Kendo

By Yining Zhou Kendo is Japanese sword fighting. It requires not only physical strength but also mental stillness. John Condon is a four-dan kendoka and the president of Chicago Kendo Dojo. His organization offers Chicagoans a place to learn about kendo and practice.

VIDEO: Chicago stargazers want to bring back the night sky

By Yining Zhou Chicago is missing the stars, and Audrey Fischer wants them back. As the President of Chicago Astronomical Society, Fischer started a project called “One Star at a Time” to raise awareness about the need to reduce light pollution and bring back starlight for future generations. Serious light pollution has made star gazing […]

VIDEO: Young Faces Sparkle at Naperville Lantern Festival Show

By Yining Zhou The Xilin Association, a Naperville-based non-profit foundation dedicated to sharing Asian cultures, held its 10th annual Lantern Festival Show Sunday evening at Compass Auditorium at Naperville. Dancers, singers and musicians expressed the beauty and vitality of the East using the language of art and dance in the show. But the stage did […]

VIDEO: Zen: Practice for Awakening

By Yining Zhou Zen is by no means a new concept in the U.S., but it still seems mysterious. What indeed is Zen in the American cultural context? How has it blended into local communities?  Medill’s  Yining Zhou visits several Zen practitioners, trying to find answers.