AI brings brand new experience in recruiting, while data poses challenges

Yixuan Xie Medill Reports Hiring the right people is crucial to an organization’s success and companies are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize that process. AI, which uses computer science to make machines imitate human intelligence and behavior, is revolutionizing numerous industries. It is the technology behind Amazon Inc.’s cashier-less stores, Tesla Inc.’s self-driving vehicles […]

AI for candidate screening: eliminating or reinforcing bias

Yixuan Xie Medill Reports While job applicants hope they are evaluated based upon their capabilities and skills when applying for a job, hiring decisions can be full of biases, ranging from dismissing a candidate simply for a name to focusing recruiting efforts on elite schools. With multiple studies revealing discrimination in recruitment, artificial intelligence is […]

AI automated order takers may reshape the future of drive-through restaurants

By Yixuan Xie Medill Reports The next time when you shout into the ordering box at a drive-through, you might not be talking to a human but an automated order taker. Drive-through windows make up about 70 percent of fast-food chains’ sales, according to a recent study from QSR Magazine. But employees often consider this […]

ABA TECHSHOW introduces cutting-edge technology for law practices

By Yixuan Xie Medill Reports Technology startups plan to stir up legal practices with their latest advances. Fifteen of these companies participated in the Startup Alley at the annual American Bar Association (ABA) TECHSHOW in Chicago through this past weekend.  The innovators demonstrated the integration in law office operations of their new tools for artificial […]

Neal Sáles-Griffin launches interactive platforms for voters to compare candidates for mayor

Yixuan Xie Medill Reports With the largest field of candidates in Chicago history running for  mayor, mayoral candidate Neal Sáles-Griffin created an interactive city budget and searchable questions platforms to help voters make informed decisions on choosing from  the 14 candidates on the ballot for Tuesday’s election. Sáles-Griffin, CEO of the nonprofit CodeNow in Chicago, defied […]

Who is the most tech-friendly candidate for mayor of Chicago?

By Yixuan Xie Medill Reports Early voting in Chicago’s elections began Tuesday, setting the stage for the winning candidate who will have the opportunity to accelerate Chicago’s already burgeoning tech scene. Chicago tied for the second most innovative U.S. city with Boston and has become one of the nation’s leading tech hubs, according to a […]

Chicago mayoral candidates discuss immigrant entrepreneurs

Yixuan Xie Medill Reports Four Chicago mayoral candidates offered their strategies on how to support small business owners, particularly among immigrant populations, at a public forum on Wednesday at the Croatian Cultural Center. The forum was sponsored by more than 10 multicultural organizations representing Indo-American, Muslim, Jewish, Assyrian, Arab American, Asian American communities and others. Former […]