4 fashion psychology secrets to know

mannequin facing forward at department store

By Yuliya Klochan Medill Reports The fashion industry globally reached $1.9 trillion in retail sales of clothing and footwear in 2019, according to Statista, with the U.S. emerging as the largest apparel market. And what Americans wear has major consequences on both their physical and mental well-being.  “If you felt good in your dress, and […]

Mapping cities, health and environment at UIC’s Electronic Visualization Lab

shadow accumulation map displayed in a classroom

By Yuliya Klochan Medill Reports Fabio Miranda, then a Ph.D. student in computer science at New York University, was mapping shadows produced by buildings throughout the day in New York City in 2016. He intended for his project to help urban planners, architects and developers select potential construction sites and test different building types at […]

As sex toys evolve into the mainstream, so do their challenges

IIroha Mini vibrator in three colors

By Yuliya Klochan Medill Reports In the run-up to the Winter Olympics in February, U.S. curlers were competing for a spot in the competition. NBC even planned to broadcast or stream every mixed-doubles game at a qualification event in the Netherlands. But the peacock network changed its mind. In a Dec. 6 tweet, USA Curling, […]