Bannon debate invitation sparks protests at University of Chicago

By Cade Shultice
Medill Reports

Steve Bannon, former executive director of Breitbart News and former White House Chief Strategist for the Trump administration, has accepted an invitation to a debate on immigration and globalization at the University of Chicago.

This sparked protests from University of Chicago students and community members who disapprove of the school giving a platform to Bannon, whose beliefs many consider offensive and inappropriate for an academic setting.

Across the street, counter-protesters gathered in support of Bannon’s right to speak, claiming that any attempts to cancel the debate infringe on freedom of speech and the school’s strong adherence to open academic discourse.

Protesters chant and hold signs outside the Booth School of Business to express their disapproval of the planned Bannon debate. (Cade Shultice/MEDILL)